Оборудование и инструмент для деревообрабатывающей промышленности
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Range of silos

It is very important for the briquetting process that the presses are fed with homogenous raw material and in a stable way.

Our dosing silos are built to create a good match with the size of the briquetting press and to ensure a constant feed to the press according to the actual type of project.

Our silos can be supplied in the following sizes:

Gross VolumeDimensionsComments
1-2 m31x1 mSuitable only for one BP 2000 press
3-6 m31.5x1.5 m or 2x2 mStandard solution for one press installations
8-12 m31.5x1.5 m or 2x2 mRecommended for 2 presses
15-20 m3Ø 4 mRecommended for 2 or 3 presses
100-400 m3Ø 6.7 m typical 
ask for details
Large storage silo for outdoor installation
Typical with inserted deck to give space for
discharge system and one or two presses beneath.
The 2x2 m silos and the Ø4 m silo are recommended only for low density raw material or only with one 880 mm silo extension. 
Round inserts, to avoid bridning, are recommended for MDF and other grinding powder.  

Furthermore, the following options are available: 
• Extra feeding screw for a second briquette press connected to the same dosing silo. 
• Level Sensor for silo (rotor model or laser type) we recommend to install 3 pcs. 
We also offer walking floor storage solution integrated in a 40 ft. container.  
Other solutions, sizes of silos and discharge units will be offered on request.